Zoot suit riots essay

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the U. War Production Board regulated the production of civilian clothing containing silk, wool and other essential fabrics.

Zoot suit riots essay

The main point of attention being the teenagers wearing the famous Zoot Suits in which they were labeled as rebellious criminals.

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Who was the first to wear it, were they seen in a positive or negative way and why was there so much trouble between the sailors and the Zoot Suiters are the questions that i want answered. Its not really clear or certain who the first to wear a Zoot Suit was and it probably will never be clear.

It is said that the first zoo-suit had been purchased by a African American bus worker in a tailor shop in Gainesville, Georgia. It was published in the New York Times but was and is not believed by everyone. It first gained popularity in the late 's in which they initially were called "drapes".

The name zoot suit came later which is believed to be named after the pachucos. It was the most popular suit during the 's and 's. Even though many different races wore the Zoot Suit it was most popular among the Mexican Americans called Pachucos but it was also who they caused more trouble to.

Were the Zoot Suits seen in a positive or negative way? The answer to this question would depend on whose opinion you would get. White Americans saw the suits as unpatriotic and rebellious. White American adults were the main negative opinion givers.

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Many used the riots as there reason to hate the Zoot Suits. White Americans also included Jazz as a reason to hate the Zoot Suits. Between the 's and 's Jazz was a very popular genre for the teens but not as much for the adults.

Then again making it even less popular among grown Americans. Zoot Suiters saw that reason just as an excuse to hate the Zoot Suit.

Zoot suit riots essay

The Famous Zoot Suit Riots caused many to fear being in the streets. If you walked around the streets in the 's 's you would run the risk of running into a dispute between the Zoot Suiters and Sailors.

Zoot suit riots essay

Those being the famous Zoot Suit Riots. If you were wearing a Zoot Suit you were even more likely to get hurt. Zoot Suiters not mattering their age would be beat by the sailors.

All they were doing is following the latest trend and wore a Zoot Suit. If you were a sailor you would be beaten down by the Zoot Suiters. It was a never ending battle.

Being neither Mexican nor American, the pachucos, like the black youths with whom they shared the zoot-suit style, simply did not fit.Zoot Suit Riots Zoot suits, associated with the Mexican race, consisted of a long jacket that reached almost to the knees, pants with a "tight stuff cuff", a "wide, flat hat, and Dutch-toe shoes" (Berger ).4/4(1).

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Supporting gay rights essay conclusion. The Zoot Suit Riots were a series of riots in Los Angeles, USA in They inflamed during the Second World War between soldiers stationed in the city and Mexican-American youth gangs, led by so-called Pachucos, because of the Zoot Suits wore them, were known.

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Zoot Suit Essay example Zoot Suit Based on the notorious “Sleepy Lagoon” murder mystery, which resulted in the “Zoot Suit Riots” in Los Angeles, California, playwright Luis Valdez combines fact and fiction in the play “Zoot Suit” to portray the fate of 12 young Mexican Americans that were brought to trial for a murder they did.

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