Unhappiness amongst students in hong kong

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Unhappiness amongst students in hong kong

Hongkongers are the most unhappy of residents of three Asian cities in a survey conducted after the Occupy Central movement.

- The Washington Post

More than 1, people were interviewed in each city with a total of 3, questionnaires answered. The six areas covered were politics and society, the economy, the environment, public health, leisure and entertainment, and housing. Hong Kong scored the lowest among the three cities, with an overall happiness index of only 6.

Singapore had the highest score at 7. In similar happiness studies undertaken by Wong between andthe index had never plunged below seven.

Ten years ago the city scored 7. Even inwhen the city was badly affected by the severe acute respiratory syndrome outbreak, the index was at 7.

Unhappiness amongst students in hong kong

Of the six areas covered, housing and political factors had the worst scores, with 4. He said divisions between the establishment and large sections of society were still raw in January, just a month after the protests finally came to an end in December.

Many protesters in Occupy were tertiary students and the unemployed - two groups who appeared to be the least happy.


In particular, Wong urged more focus on housing policy. The overall winner - Singapore - scored 3. Wong said with more than 80 per cent of housing provided by the government in the city-state, homes were more affordable than those in Hong Kong.

A happiness index survey in December from Lingnan University - measuring satisfaction with public policy, the media, living environment and public healthcare - revealed a score of 7.

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Hong Kong school kids’ happiness hits record low – survey students are spending around 10 more minutes working on their homework compared to last year. Hong Kong school kids' happiness.

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