The lover marguerite duras amazon

Powell's This luminous tale of two couples, told in the spare haunted prose of the acclaimed Duras Hiroshima mon amour ; The Lover constitutes a penetrating meditation on love, art and the ruin wrought by time. A woman and man sit together in a quayside cafe near Le Havre, observing boats, people in the public square and the play of sunlight. The woman, a writer, muses aloud to her companion about their love, whose nuances inform the book she is writing.

The lover marguerite duras amazon

Fcourt Lawrence Russell The Lover dir. Gerard Brach [based on the novel by Marguerite Duras] cine. You're 15, almost 16, a loner in a lonely land.

You're on a small ferry, just about to cross the turbid waters of the Mekong You're leaning on the rail, one foot hooked on the scupper, a girl dreaming of being a woman.

As the peasants swarm aboard with their bicycles, carts and livestock, a large black Citroen C 6 limo eases itself slowly onto the deck. Already you're being observed by its hidden occupant.

And what does he see? A French girl in a cotton dress, a school girl with a loose girdle and rhinestone cabaret shoes Forget the pouting mouth and slim adolescent figure. Think of dream, think of Freud. As the ferry starts moving out, the chauffeur steps down, opens the rear door He leans on the railing nearby.

He glances your way, takes a gold cigarette case from his jacket, flips it open, offers you one And so it starts Based on the "autobiographical" novel by Marguerite Duras, The Lover lingers somewhere between the sentimentality of doomed love and the flesh-eating horniness of sexophilia.

The lover marguerite duras amazon

Behind this, though, is a political gestalt of the French and Chinese colonialists in Vietnam. Prejudice is cultural, destiny ancestral. Recall that Duras wrote the script for Resnais' famous deconstructivist paen of western guilt, Hiroshima Mon Amourwhere again we see her familiar story of forbidden love in an interracial context.

A grim montage of nuclear anxiety, Hiroshima is more like a photo-essay than a drama. Director Annaud and scenarist Brach never allow the background politics to overwhelm the sensuality Yet The Lover is a beautifully photographed film, where the surrounding squalor simply heightens the exotic elegance of the lovers.

Fact is, we can never rest easy in anyone's arms after seeing the superb skin of Tony Leung and Anne March. If pornography is sex that we watch, then yes. If art is the sexual perception of an object, then yes.

Can pornography be art? If you've ever made love in a dream The black car is speeding along the dykes and dusty roads towards Saigon. You're in the back with this stranger. He's twice your age This is dangerous stuff. But what the hell You have breasts, legs and hands You have no father, your brother is a sadist, your mother a doting old schoolteacher in a swamp up country.

He confesses he has no job, no prospects You dream of writing novels in which you revenge yourself on your brother, your brutal, psychopathic brother. You watch the landscape flow past His hand moves timidly to meet yours Gerard Brach got his big break as a screen writer working with Polanski As Brach wrote the screenplay for this too, we might wonder if there are any similarities.

The Bear is about an orphan grisly pup trying to survive in the British Columbia wilderness when hunting was a career and environmentalism non-existent.

Stripped of setting, though, both stories are the same: Perhaps the pivotal scene is where the lovers discuss their hopeless situation at a ruined plantation on the edge of a mud desertThe Lover by Marguerite Duras is basically a memoir rather than a novel.

I suppose one of its features that allows it to pose as a novel is its post modernist approach. The story is that of a young 15 year old nameless girl living in Vietnam, then under the control of France, with Reviews: Feb 16,  · It's The War by Marguerite Duras.

A Harsh Tale Of War, But An Unforgettable Read. Listen · Duras is assisted through her grief by her new lover . MARGUERITE DURAS is the author of many acclaimed novels and screenplays, including The Lover, The Ravishing of Lol Stein, and the film script for Hiroshima, Mon Amour.

One of France's most important literary figures, Duras died in Paris in Reviews: Marguerite Duras’ The Lover is a semi-autobiographical story of forbidden love between a year-old French girl and her year-old Chinese lover, the son of a millionaire.

The nameless young woman, the narrator of this story, comes from an abusive family, and this causes her to be emotionally shut down.

The lover marguerite duras amazon

The Lover (Marguerite Duras) () ISBN: - An international best-seller with more than one million copies in print and a winner of France’s Prix Goncourt, The Lover has been acclaimed by critics all over the world since its vergleichen -. MARGUERITE DURAS is the author of many acclaimed novels and screenplays, including The Lover, The Ravishing of Lol Stein, and the film script for Hiroshima, Mon Amour.

One of France’s most important literary figures, Duras died in Paris in

The Lover, Marguerite Duras, Barbara Bray (Translator). (Paperback )