The effects and possible solutions of drug abuse in society

Roxicodone oxycodone hydrochloridelike other opioids used in analgesia, can be abused and is subject to criminal diversion. Abuse Drug addiction is characterized by compulsive use, use for non-medical purposes, and continued use despite harm or risk of harm.

The effects and possible solutions of drug abuse in society

Common Social Vices In Schools: It is defined as a bad habit or immoral activities. Vices are common among young males and females, examples include prostitutionindecent dressing, robbery, cultism, pocket picking, drug addiction, examination malpractice, hooliganism, thuggery, gambling, smoking, pre-marital sexual activities, and rape.

Social vices are bad traits, unhealthy and negative behaviors that are against the morality of a society and frowned at by members of the society. Students spend more time with their friends at school or at home. Due to their weak nature and tender age, they can easily be influenced.

Children have a high level of curiosity to learn, to have fun and practice new things thus making them smoke, drink, have sexual intercourse read more about the sexually transmitted diseases here and so on.

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A child tends to behave like his or her friends so as not to be labeled as cowards, JJCs, uncivilized or crude. A child who moves with children with poor academic performance can be like them in no time and will be lured to the shortcuts to success such as examination malpractice.

Being a virginwhich was once a thing of pride has now turned into an object of ridicule among students now. Peer pressure is a major cause of vices in the society Another cause of social vices is negligence by the parents or a broken home.

Children from the permissive and uninvolved parenting styles fall mostly into these traps Read about parenting styles here. Freedom to do anything without been probe affect children negatively. Negligence of parents can make the wards turn to their friends for love, emotions, care, advice who can lure them into deadly acts.

An abandoned girl can look up to an opposite sex for love and affection. Some maids, house helps, family members who are always around children in the absence of parents can introduce these vices to them.

Some may even violate the children sexually, warn and threatened them not to tell anyone. Even if the bold ones are determined to confide in their parents, they may be too busy or occupied to listen and see through things.

The Problem of Workplace Drug Abuse

Many parents have spoilt the lives of their children without them knowing. Social vices affect the society as a whole and the individual in particular. The mental, physical, academic, moral aspects of an individual are negatively affected.

Students divert their time to these vices instead of being serious with academic works.

Drug Abuse: Facts on Health Effects and Treatment

There is wastage of time which leads to poor academic performance. A pregnant lady will face emotional, psychological trauma which will make her lose focus and attention on her studies. She might eventually stop schooling, get expelled or quit for some period of time.

If she is lucky, she may return to school but her mates will be far ahead of her.

The effects and possible solutions of drug abuse in society

Dangerous acts like cultism are rampant in schools. A secret cult is an organization of some people who engage in some activities that are secret. Some students are lured while some are forced to join a cult.

It is found out that most members of these secret associations are from rich homes. Greater attention is given to the cult to the detriment of academics. Much demand is expected from members. The cult is their priority while any other things including their studies are secondary.

They forget their primary assignment in school by focusing on meeting the needs of other members, fighting, and initiation of innocent students.

Child Abuse And Abandonment – Effects On Human Resource Development In Nigeria

They may lose their lives in fights or when there is a clash with an opposing cult s and some may be rusticated from schools. They might even progress to higher crimes such as highway and bank robbery.

A high rate of social vices can tarnish the image of a family and a country. It can destabilize a home and rumple the peace of a household. Parents blame each other for their wayward child ren which could lead to separation, broken homes and divorce.

The absence of a parent or both parents will further implicate matters and will not help in the rehabilitation of the children. The image of a country is reduced by the high number of vices. Other countries look down on such a country as being weak, corrupt and deadly.

They sometimes disallow migration to their countries and even if they allow, strict screening exercises are put in place.

Investors, both foreigners, and citizens will be scared to invest in a corrupt country.Drug and alcohol abuse wreak disastrous effects on society. The illicit drug trade is estimated at $ billion annually—greater than the Gross Domestic Product of 88 percent of the world’s nations.

Using drugs impairs decision-making abilities as well as physically impairs people. This is a deadly concoction when on the job. The Problem of Workplace Drug Abuse Of all drug users, % are employed and active in the workplace, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA).

Additionally, 1/3 of all employees . The National Drug Master Plan () shows that the problem of substance abuse continues, and that in the s it was estimated that at least % to % of South Africans continue to have a drinking problem of some form. Learn domestic violence and intimate partner abuse types (physical, emotional, sexual), laws, information, shelters, statistics, facts, and effects on children.

KY Substance Abuse Facts Substance abuse plagues countless Americans each year. It is a serious public health problem that extends through several facets of society and is responsible for major psychological and physical consequences in users across the country, including Kentucky.

The effects and possible solutions of drug abuse in society

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