The airbus a380 a revolutionary plane essay

Share via Email This article is over 12 years old It's difficult to know where to start. Each A has miles of electrical wiring, threaded through the plane in bundles as thick as a human leg. The problem is, engineers at Airbus plants in France and Germany didn't update each other on changes they made as they went along, so when sections of fuselage were shipped to Toulouse for assembly, they didn't fit.

The airbus a380 a revolutionary plane essay

Introduction The A is an all-new twin-aisle, twin-deck four-engined aircraft having a baseline seating capacity of passengers in a three-class configuration. First flight is expected in the first quarter ofwhile it is scheduled to enter service with Singapore Airlines in the second quarter of Total orders and commitments to date December '04 stand at for both the passenger and freighter versions as received from 13 airlines passenger aircraft and 17 freighters.

The airbus a380 a revolutionary plane essay

The freighter version AF is scheduled to enter service in Its total wingspan is Fire Safety The progress made in aircraft fire safety technology and the evolution of regulations over the past 35 years is noteworthy. This evolution, as illustrated below, contributes to passenger confidence that today's commercial aircraft is safer than ever.

Airbus' task as an aircraft manufacturer is to enhance the safety of the traveling public and the confidence of the aviation community by applying the highest safety standards to its products. The all-new A was an opportunity to apply state-of the-art technology that also has benefits in terms of fire safety.

In general, the fire safety standards set by Airbus for its aircraft, including the A, not only meet but in most cases exceed the existing JAA and FAA requirements.

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For example, some of the stringent Airbus requirements with which the A complies include: In addition, the A will comply with the new FAA The A will inherently have better burn-through characteristics on its upper fuselage due to the use of a new hybrid material called GLARE — a sandwich of alternate layers of aluminum foils and unidirectional glass fibres - which has considerably higher burn-through resistance than conventional aluminum alloys.

As a result, the A has been designed to operate: Comparing, however, the minimum water requirements of the various ICAO ARFF categories, we see a certain logical pattern derived which relates to the quantity of fuel carried. This is not the case for other wide body jets flying today, as some of them actually require more than the minima set by ICAO.

Although the full upper deck existence might require some operating RFF procedures to be fine tuned, the operational approach remains the same as with B, while all ARFF equipment already exists today for rescue operations on the upper deck.

Research paper on airbus a vs Nahool Zena Case Study 2 Airbus vs.
If your next Airbus flight is uncomfortable, you can blame virtual reality | ZDNet The topic is analysed because it has come to a two-year delay in the delivery of the first A, which caused disappointment within customers, stakeholders, media and employees.

The picture below depicts ARFF upper deck access vehicles used by Frankfurt ARFF for B operations, while other portable stairs capable of reaching 8m height same as B upper deck doors are also illustrated.

Tests have also been carried out on fuselage piercing with "snozzle" ARFF equipment which confirmed that GLARE piercing for ARFF purposes is feasible with existing equipment, requiring psi compared to psi for conventional aluminum alloy panels available "snozzle" vehicles may have as much as psi piercing capability.

A Fire Safety & Rescue

The emergency slides of the A comply with the latest FAA TSO C69c requirements, and among others, incorporate lighting on their vertical holds and at tip for night evacuation, as well as "re-entry" lines for access of ARFF crews to both decks in case of absence of other means illustrated below.

The slides extend The clearance obtained between the far end toe of upper deck slides and the TCA perimeter is The A will have to meet the 90 sec. Furthermore, a separate "migration" scenario will be run to investigate possible migration of upper deck passengers to main deck, thus exceeding even the stringent certification requirements.The Airbus A was a medium- to long-range twin-engined wide-body jet airliner.

It was a derivative of the A, the aircraft having been originally initially designated as the AB It was essentially a shortened variant of the earlier aircraft; however, there were .

The airbus a380 a revolutionary plane essay

Model Availability Scale - A Limited number of RC plane manufacturers. - Few RC plane manufacturers. - A good range of RC plane manufactures. - A popular RC model.

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All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest and only 5-Star airline, announced details of it’s new Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class and First Class cabins on Japan’s first Airbus A, launching in spring "The A was the first aircraft to be completely designed in 3D, and for all As, virtual reality supported the cabin-definition process, from the customer's initial request through to the.

Emirates’ A programme has seen 12 new double-decker aircraft join the fleet and launch to ten new A destinations in the past 12 months; Barcelona, London-Gatwick, Zurich, Mumbai, Frankfurt, Dallas, Kuwait, San Francisco, Milan and Houston. The world’s first carrier to operate the A – Singapore Airlines – has taken the passenger experience to a new level with a new cabin being rolled across its entire fleet of iconic double-deck Airbus jet.

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