Patient centred care essay essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. It will be written as a logical account, adopting a problem solving approach to her care. She is elderly and has been admitted onto a medical ward in the hospital, following a stroke.

Patient centred care essay essay

Patient This essay will engage closely in exploring the case study provided during week one through four.

Patient Centred Care Essay Essay Sample

The widely known differences between the two diabetes are that type one diabetes display an inability of the pancreas to create insulin for the body as its cells producing insulin are destroyed. Type two diabetes do produce insulin, however due to the reduced production of the insulin by the pancreas, the body is unable or resistant to use the insulin appropriately and leads the body to face difficulties in maintaining homoeostatic balance.

Further differences of type one and type two diabetes Patient centred care essay essay be identified in managing the disease. It is essential for type one diabetic patient to be treated with an external source of insulin, however for type two diabetic patients the treatment could vary simply from controlling their diet and exercising, or injecting insulin into the body to control their blood sugar levels Barnes, Poor function of insulin to control Glucose is the energy source that the cells feed on to survive, therefore poor management of the blood glucose will lead the cells to suffer from insufficient amount of energy to regulate the entire body Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Although the effects may not be immediately life threatening, conditions such as constant exhaustion or hypoglycaemia occurs when there is a low level of glucose in the blood.

The patients at such circumstance will experience headaches, dizziness, hunger, seizures and fall into comas at extreme cases.

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Other outcomes may occur due to hyperglycaemia, when high blood glucose levels damage the small blood vessels. Blood vessels which supply energy to the cells become affected by the high glucose level which in return causes the blood to be toxic and the formation of blood clots Zmuida, This will soon result the nerves and the cells to poorly function and trigger blurry vision, nerve damage, poor circulation, foot infections, cardiovascular complications, kidney infections in the long run.

Importance of postoperative pain control One of the most important purpose to perform a postoperative pain assessment is to manage the risks the patient may face after the operation. By assessing the location, severity, type of pain and the temperature of the pain area, the patient is likely to have lower risks of developing an infection or a disease during recovery Doherty, If pain control assessment is absent during a postoperative care for Josie Elliot, Elliot is likely to meet high levels of pain and stress in dealing with the pain.

Such stress is likely to interfere with the other postoperative recovery exercises as it is predictable that Elliot will be physically tensed and unwilling. Furthermore, the consequences of not acknowledging the pain areas for Elliot, could lead to overlooking problems such as swelling or internal bleeding of the operated wrist.

Although the problems may be small, they are likely to grow into serious matters such as haemorrhage and amputation.

Patient centred care essay essay

Therefore, for the patients to be less at a risk of becoming susceptible to complications- pain control is the stepping-stone to safety and be considered as a major priority of postoperative care. Noticing In this initial step of clinical judgement the nurse will focus in recognising the current situation of the patient.

The nurse will seek to find future discomforts and problems that may occur during the care for the patient Tanner, As for Elliot, who had an active life before being submitted into the hospital, the nurse should concentrate in understanding the patients psychological well being.

Elliot being in such a contrasting environment to her daily life in the society, she could be expected to experience severe stress.Free Essay: Patient Centred Care Essay This essay is based on the Case study of a patient named as Mrs Ford.

It will be written as a logical account. Patient-Centered Care.

Patient Centered Care Essay Essay Sample

Order Description Walk the talk: Promoting control of nursing practice and a patient-centered culture. Critical Care Nurse, 29(3), 77– Click to retrieve. Achieving ANCC Magnet status is important to many facilities throughout the country.

Explain why shared governance has played a key role in implementing the. Person Centred Care is a major skills acquired by a healthcare main target is individual traits of character in doing health care provision. Treat every person as a unique human being disregard his/her age, culture, sex and race.

Evidence Based Practice: Patient-centered Care1 Evidence Based Practice: Patient-centered Care Evidence Based Practice: Patient-centered Care2 Patient-centered Care In the definition of patient-centered care it states that we should recognize the patient as the source of control in providing compassionate and coordinated care based on respect for patient’s preferences, values, and .

This essay will engage closely in exploring the case study provided during week one through four. It will deal with various issues such as the difference between type one and type two diabetes, outcomes of poorly managed blood sugar levels, the necessity of pain control during post-operative care for Josie, the implementation of Tanner’s model [ ].

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