Has hosting the london 2012 olympic

The regeneration of East London and particularly Stratford, the site of the Olympic Park, will bring untold benefits to the area and the local communities that live there. The Olympic Park will be transformed into the Queen Elizabeth Country Park, and the permanent venues within it will bring new leisure facilities to the area.

Has hosting the london 2012 olympic

London Olympics What is the London Olympics? The International Olympic Committee voted in July for London to hold the Olympics and Paralympics, with the majority of facilities centred in the capital but many other locations hosting events, training villages and support facilities.

The key message behind the London bid was that the Games would provide Britain with a legacy: It will include the main 80,seat Olympic Stadium, where the opening and closing ceremonies will be held as well as the athletics events, and the Aquatics Centre, which will include two 50m swimming pools and a diving pool.

This will also link up to the Eurostar and carry on to continental Europe. When combined with improved Underground services, the Olympic team intends to have a train arriving at the Olympic Park once every 15 seconds. The Olympic Delivery Authority ODAchaired by John Armitt, is the public body responsible for developing and building the new venues and infrastructure for the Games and their use post Background The Olympic Games were last held in London in The only other time the Games were held in London was in The decision for London to bid for the Games followed the successful hosting of the Commonwealth Games in Manchester in and the Euro '96 football competition.

These events reassured the UK's sporting authorities and the Government that the country could successfully stage major successful international sporting events. Work on the London bid began as far back as Duringthe Commons' Culture, Media and Sport Committee conducted an in-depth report into the bid, published in January The Olympic Games were awarded to London on 6 July Controversies The huge cost of staging the Olympic Games raised widespread concern with many fearing that - with memories of the Millennium Dome and Wembley Stadium as present as the success of the Commonwealth Games - the funds provided would not be well spent.

In addition, there were fears that costs would continue to spiral out of control. In addition, many people were, and still are, concerned that London's fragile and crowded transport infrastructure will be unable to cope with the added pressures of the Games.

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Although the Government is determined to complete major improvements before the Games, the record of British governments and their contractors in completing transport projects on time and to cost has not always been encouraging.

Some of Britain's top athletes and sportsmen, including David Beckham, Denise Lewis and Kelly Holmes, also threw their weight behind the bid.

The Gay UK Magazine Press release Turning the Games into gold:
London to provide long-lasting economic benefits - Olympic News Share via Email Police and Royal Marines perform a joint exercise in preparation for providing security during the London Olympics.
List of Olympic Games host cities - Wikipedia Documents arrow The London Games were centred around the Olympic Park in east London, which is the site of a number of new sports venues.
London Summer Olympics - results & video highlights A report by the government department which promotes UK businesses put new contracts, sales and foreign investment in the last year down to the Games.

Prime Minister Tony Blair attracted controversy in late December when he was accused by the International Olympic Committee of violating a ban on engaging in promotional activities regarding the London bid.

He brought up the "extraordinary success" of the Commonwealth Games hosted by Manchester in at a 'sports breakfast' in Abuja. The IOC subsequently wrote to the nine cities bidding for the games warning them of their responsibilities. It was feared the package, which included free flights, would constitute a breach of bidding regulations and the bid team decided to withdraw the offers before an investigation by the IOC's ethics committee reported back.

Other controversies were overshadowed by that of the Olympic logo, however. While figures connected to the project did their best to put a brave face on the reaction, objections to the logo remained widespread and vociferous.

An online petition calling for the logo to be replaced received over 50, signatures.

London legacy continues to be felt across the UK - Olympic News

Things went from bad to worse when it emerged that an advert promoting the logo could trigger fits in people with photo-sensitive epilepsy.

Epilepsy Action claimed 22 people had already contacted them to say the advert had triggered a fit and the Olympic Organising Committee quickly re-cut the video. Ken Livingstone went on record as saying the company who made the video should not be paid but later softened his stance in a belated attempt to downplay the controversy.

A further significant controversy arose in early July when it emerged that G4S, the private company contracted to provide security at the Olympics, could not guarantee it would be able to supply enough guards in time for the opening of the Games.

Home Secretary, Theresa May, said there had been signs of staffing problems in late June, which G4S said they could resolve; but on 11th July, G4S admitted they could not resolve the problems and would not be able to produce the staff they were contracted to produce.

As a result, 17, troops were drafted in to make up the security shortfall with a further put on standby. G4S chief executive Nick Buckles was subsequently subjected to a humiliating interrogation by the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee in which he was branded "incompetent" and "amateurish".

Mr Buckles admitted he was reliant on police and military support to provide security at the Games and agreed the situation was "a humiliating shambles". He told MPs he was"deeply disappointed and embarrassed" by the failure to satisfy the contract and that he was "deeply sorry".

Has hosting the london 2012 olympic

G4S, which has operations in more than countries and overemployees, later issued a statement saying it was "grateful" for the military support. Committee chair Margaret Hodge said: Statistics The construction of all the new main venues and infrastructure for the London Games is now complete.

Construction progress by 14 November The final piece of turf has been laid on the field of play in the Olympic Stadium, marking completion of construction of the venue.London Games £m under budget.

Government figures say the London Olympic and Paralympic Games came in £m under budget at a cost of £bn. While 12 months have passed since the London Olympic Games entertained the world, the economic benefits are set to be felt in the host country for many years to come.

The Olympics and Social Cleansing

In July, the British government announced that the UK economy has already seen a GBP billion trade and investment boost from. The Summer Olympics, formally the Games of the XXX Olympiad and commonly known as London , was an international multi-sport event that was held from 27 Stadium: Olympic Stadium.

As London prepares to host the Summer Olympics, startlingly little critique has surfaced in the mainstream press.

With the exception of the trivial issue of ticket prices, most of the city remains transfixed, internalising the dominant narrative. This process precedes each Olympic games, one.

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Has hosting the london 2012 olympic

Find the very best things to do, eat, see and visit, from the South Bank and the Shard to Kew Gardens and Hampstead Heath. Pick from. T he Olympics glimmer on London's horizon, but the Games are more than a smiley-faced sportstopia.

The cost of hosting the Olympics has skyrocketed while private funders have evaporated.

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