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Article chores

Set a payment amount. If we have a few warm days and the ground starts to thaw, check your garden for heaving. This is when the constant freezing and thawing of the soil pushes the plants out, exposing tender roots to the elements. Replant any heaved plants as soon as possible.

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If you have a windy area, like the space between two buildings, protect plants with a wilt-proof or anti-desiccant produce to protect evergreen plants from drying out in the cold winter winds.

Advertisement Love to garden? Palmer has a few chores Article chores you April 6, Love to garden? Have some free time? Want to give back to your community doing something fun?

Palmer Township recently received the gift of a new garden, a bequest from the estate of Pat "Peggy Lynn" Pierce, a long-time Palmer resident.

Located at a future second entrance to the Charles Chrin Community Center and incorporating the first leg of a proposed public walking trail, this infant garden is in need of a "garden steward," or several stewards.

Iris borers and other pests lay eggs among the iris leaves in the fall. When things warm up in the spring, the grubs come out and burrow into the iris leaves, down to the rhizomes, where they feed on the flesh and often infect the plant with destructive bacteria.

The foliage can also harbor fungal spores that will spread and grow in the wet spring weather. Destroy or trash foliage and litter, do not compost this material as the grubs can survive in the iris leaves and emerge later to infest the irises.

My and year-old children ask me for money beyond their allowance. Now that they will be home all summer, I was thinking about paying them to help with chores around the house.

My husband says that this is a bad idea and they should do chores without being paid. What does your panel think? There are opinions on both sides of this issue, the Help for Families panel says.

Many families expect children to do chores without getting paid, and not all children get allowances.

The pleasant spring weather helps make outdoor chores like this tolerable, at least until it really gets hot. Yesterday was one of those days, and I was feeling particularly surly about the impending cleaning session. Could cleaning the bathroom be transformed into a delightful endeavor?

My 4-year-old is just plain messy. I expect her to help out around the house, and she does, but she rarely finishes a chore. If I ask her to pick up a room, for example, she will leave things on the floor.

Having to constantly bring her back to the scenes of her crimes and finish her chores is driving me crazy. What can I do to get her to be more attentive and conscientious?

You need to start over on this project. Your frustration is knee-capping your ability to be an effective teacher, and it sounds to me like this is nothing more complicated than a 4-year-old who needs some help organizing her approach to tasks.

What are some ways your experts have to get kids to do chores? I just want one Saturday morning where we get the house in order without nagging, threats and yelling. We usually have family fun nights on Saturday nights and sometimes at least one of my kids -- ages 7, 9 and 12 -- is still fuming over the morning chores.

Try to make doing chores fun and start early to make it a regular expected part of your family routine, the Help for Parents panel says.

Article chores

My husband and I are very far apart on how many chores a child should do. I think kids need to have chores, and he feels school is their "work," and we should give them the rest of the time off.

Am I right or wrong about this? Before you call in a labor relations attorney to keep the peace in your household, take a couple of steps back.

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I know many of you are already busy starting seeds, so here are a few things you can do on those wonderful warm, sunny days that we will finally see now and again. A commonly recommended process is to tie up the dried grass into a bundle before cutting it down.

My year-old son asked for an allowance but now he wants to be paid for everything he does. How can we work this out?“It’s been traditionally a man’s world, and it’s been perceived as a man’s drink, and it’s really not. It is a product and a culture that crosses genders,” says Amy Gentry, brewer and co-owner of Hunter’s Brewing in Chesterton, Indiana.

Jun 09,  · Families In A Maya Village In Mexico May Have The Secret To Getting Kids To Do Chores: contains some of the most remarkable quotes I have ever seen in a research article.

For example, one. 9 Ways to Make Household Chores Fun Chores and fun in the same breath? You bet. Here, some ideas for getting kids to beat you at the cleaning game.

The Importance of Chores. Chores teach children respect and responsibility. Learn how to dole out chores in a way that promotes positive behavior in your child. In this article, you will find: Why chores are important; Chores can teach & chores can earn; Why chores are important. The calories burned while you're doing household chores can really add up.

In fact, many household chores burn just as many calories as workouts do. Here's how some of your household chores stack up in terms of calories burned. Yard work offers some of the most labor intensive household chores.

Article chores

Even kids as young as two can help around the house. If you're not sure what kinds of chores to assign your little (or big) kids, this printable chore chart offers age-appropriate suggestions.

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