Animal should not be used for research essay

June 13, by April Klazema Animal testing is a process that has been going on for centuries for numerous reasons, such as developing medical treatments, determining the toxicity of certain medications, confirming the safety of a product designed for humans, and other health care uses. Because of animal testing, many cures and treatments to a variety of illnesses and diseases have been discovered that might have otherwise continued to plague mankind over the years. Without question, animal testing has proven useful on more than a few occasions throughout history. Animal testing is one of the most fascinating topics for debateand is a great subject for anyone concerned with social issues to learn about, whether it involves adding meaningful insight to an intelligent discussion or writing a great speech for a class at school, something you can learn more about with Udemy.

Animal should not be used for research essay

Animals are used in order to ensure the products are safe for the use of humans.

Animal should not be used for research essay

Medical research has also been carried out on animals, and successfully developed new and effective medical treatments. Some of the tests that these animals are subjected to are very painful, and cruel. This fact has caused multiple groups to come forward in protest of this type of testing.

Do the pros outweigh the cons of animal testing? Pros of Animal Testing To decide whether animal testing is beneficial or not, it is best that you start learning its positive sides first like the following: This includes new drugs as well as possible cures for many different medical problems.

Some of the most beneficial things that have come from medical testing on animals are Penicillin, various asthma treatments, and insulin.

This is extremely useful because it gives much more realistic results as to how a human would be affected without having to endanger human lives. Yes, many of these times the animal is inflicted with the condition on purpose, but once a cure or treatment is found they receive it.

The animals that are chosen for testing are not covered in this act. This is because they carefully choose animals whose rights do not fall under the jurisdiction of the AWA.

Animal should not be used for research essay

This can cause very misleading results. A mouse may react positively to a treatment while a bird may have a negative reaction. These types of treatments are often put on the back burner. Is Animal Testing Necessary? Animal testing provides quite a few benefits to the human race. Countless medical treatments have been developed through the use of animal testing.

The biggest problems are the ethical ones, which need to be individually addressed rather than animal testing as a whole.Jan 17,  · Animals should not be used for testing.

They don’t have a voice so they have no way of saying no and testing on animals is wrong in every way possible. This is unfair to the animals .

Feb 01,  · Most animals are euthanized after being used in an experiment.??Most research is carried out within universities, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies, farms, defense establishments, and commercial facilities that provide animal-testing services to industry.??Supporters of the practice, such as the British Royal Society, argue that.

Argumentative essay should the animals be used for scientific research is it humanly.

Save the Animals: Stop Animal Testing

November 21, Essay om ungdommen i dagger food culture shock essay essay my school first day, Abstract writing for research papers isolated cuk converter analysis essay. Animals such as chimpanzees, mice, and guinea pigs, have been used in medical research for centuries, and they have taught us much about anatomy and physiology.

But in recent decades, we’ve. Free example persuasive essay on Animal Experimentation: Throughout history, animal experimentation has played an important role in leading to new discoveries and human benefit.

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However, what many people tend to forget are the great numbers of animal subjects that have suffered serious harm during the process of experimentation. SA Forum is an invited essay from experts on topical issues in science and technology.

On April 15, , animal rights advocate Henry Spira took out a full-page ad in The New York Times to decry.

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