An analysis of the positive link between pornography in the media and the violence against women

Originally in Karmakar, Michigan State Police Lt. Pope studied and recorded the use of pornography in sex crimes, researching 48, sex crimes spanning a 20 year period

An analysis of the positive link between pornography in the media and the violence against women

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College football and anti-sexual assault activism are often pitted against one another. At the nexus is Brenda Tracy, harnessing the machine that almost broke her for redemption and change.

Awareness and use of Title IX offices has increased dramatically in the past six years, with many coordinators and industry experts citing high-profile athlete cases as a driving force. Reports of sexual misconduct against students overall are up -- about four times as many in as in among the schools that provided data for those years.

The OCR, which investigates complaints about how all types of schools respond to Title IX sexual violence reports, had complaints in As of this fall, it had about open cases, according to the department's website. Without those athlete cases making headlines, the campus sexual assault awareness campaign "would be largely nonexistent," said Catherine Lhamon, the assistant secretary for civil rights at the U.

A spokesman for Ohio State, which had 37 complaints from to involving athletes, noted that the university has the most athletes of any Power 5 athletic department and that members of the dance and cheer teams are designated as athletes within the athletic department.

A campaign launched in to raise awareness of sexual assault has "resulted in more survivors coming forward in subsequent years," he said. Michigan State, which remains under federal investigation for its handling of Title IX complaints, provided data on athletes for and only. It had 26 complaints made against athletes.

A Michigan State spokeswoman told Outside the Lines that officials did not know how many total complaints against Spartan athletes there were prior to ; the officials declined to review existing Title IX complaints to find the answer.

At West Virginia, athletes made up about 1. WVU's executive director for student conduct, Carrie Showalter, said the school's system allows officials to track and detect patterns in certain groups, but she wasn't aware of that discrepancy involving athletes until contacted by Outside the Lines.


The idea that athletes are overrepresented in college sexual assault cases is not new. That report also included data from judicial affairs departments at 10 schools, which showed athletes represented 19 percent of the perpetrators reported for sexual assault but made up only 3.

Lhamon said too many colleges and universities "turn away" from information that might show cultural problems within athletics, yet "the unfortunate reality today, still, is that we have a hypersexualized culture associated with elite athletes.

If that flows over into their sexual lives, you're going to see more complaints coming out of that," Sokolow said.

An analysis of the positive link between pornography in the media and the violence against women

And I think if you did studies, you'd see that student-athletes probably have more sex than students who are not athletes, in many cases. Lawrence cited as examples the recent University of Louisville scandal in which basketball staffers provided access to strippers for recruits and the use of attractive female students as hosts to accompany recruits on official visits -- a practice that made headlines at Tennessee and Baylor.

But it starts with coaches tolerating something far subtler, Lawrence said. You know the locker room talk, 'Boys will be boys,'" Lawrence said. The very foundation of it. So we have to stop that.

He cited a lawsuit he filed against Baylor that alleged a gang rape was part of a bonding activity for recruits. What Sport Psychology Practitioners Need to Know," combined years of past research on sexual assault and college athletes and details higher alcohol use among athletes and that "male student-athletes are historically overrepresented as offenders.

The article also cited a study -- published in a journal called Violence Against Women -- that covered sexual coercion practices among undergraduate athletes showing that they were "77 percent more likely to engage in sexual coercion than non-athletes," and that athletes reported less positive attitudes toward women and greater acceptance of rape myths, with one example being that "women make false allegations of sexual assault to target innocent men.

Cannarella, an attorney in South Carolina, said that is exactly what happened this year with his client, a soccer player at Coker College, a private school in Hartsville. The athlete was arrested and charged with rape and kidnapping, but the charges were dropped when the woman who had accused him admitted to making it up, according to a May 6,story in The State newspaper.

The woman was arrested and charged with filing a false police report. A Title IX investigation also found no merit to her claims, Cannarella said.

They're just attracted to the big man on campus," he said. And then if they feel rejected after anything that goes on between the two of them, and they get angry about it, they have a tendency to misrepresent what happened between the two of them.The fact that women, and other oppressed groups, are combining to struggle against their shared oppression is a very positive development, especially when contrasted with the previous two decades when the emphasis was on individual rather than collective struggle.

Author's personal copy answers regarding the link between pornography exposure and aggressive behavior and crime. The Commission on Obscenity link between viewing pornography and sexual violence toward women (Attorney General's Commission on Pornography, ). pornography and violence against women, they are operating this alone cannot prove that pornography influences men to act violently.

Pornography and its link to violence against women must be proven by actual research. By examining examining sexual violence in mass media. In an experiment where subjects (both male and female) were. Posted in Pornography & Sexualisation of Society Tagged abuse within porn industry, big porn inc melinda tankard reist, harms of pornography, how porn influences attitudes of teens, increase in child-on-child assault due to pornography, links between porn and violence against women, pornography addiction, pornography statistics.

Pornography: The Missing Piece In The Movement Against Sexual Violence. Several of the advocates commented to me that the link between pornography and sexual violence . For these reasons, it can be said that until a positive link can be found between pornography in the media and violence against women, it will remain that sexual violence such as rape is the result of sexual frustration, and not of sexual arousal.

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