An account of the scientific case for creation by henry m morris

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Friction from the table slows the bottom card. That card, in turn, applies a decelerating force on the second card from the bottom.

An account of the scientific case for creation by henry m morris

If no card slips, the entire deck, including the top card, will decelerate as a unit. But if a lubricant somehow built up between any two adjacent cards, cards above the lubricated layer would slide over the decelerating cards below. Likewise, each decelerating granite hydroplate acted on the bottom sedimentary layer riding on the hydroplate.

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Sedimentary layers, from bottom to top, acted in turn to decelerate the topmost layers. As each water-saturated layer decelerated, it was severely compressed—similar to suddenly squeezing a wet sponge.

Sediments, forced into a denser packing arrangement, released water. Sedimentary particles were crushed or broken, so their fragments filled the spaces between particles, releasing even more water. The freed water, then forced up through the sediments, caused massive liquefaction. As the sedimentary layers decelerated and compressed, they became more and more fluid.

Eventually, some layers were so fluid that slippage occurred above them, as in our deck of cards. Below that level, extreme compression and liquefaction caused fossils to float up and collect at this watery level where sliding was taking place.

A major slippage surface is now called the Cambrian-Precambrian boundary. Fossils are found almost exclusively above this interface.

A few feet above this global interface are found representatives of all animal and plant phyla. Grand Canyon Cross Section. The tipped and beveled layers are part of the Precambrian.

An account of the scientific case for creation by henry m morris

The horizontal beveled plane, at the Cambrian-Precambrian interface, is sometimes called The Great Unconformity. Beveling implies relative motion. Near the top of the Grand Canyon is a foot-thick layer of cross-bedded sandstone. In the Grand Canyon, the Cambrian-Precambrian interface is an almost flat, horizontal surface exposed for 66 miles above the Colorado River.

Layers above the Cambrian-Precambrian interface are generally horizontal, but layers below are tipped at large angles, and their tipped edges are beveled off horizontally.

The sliding sedimentary block above the slippage plane beveled off the still soft tops of the tipped layers. Transported Block in the Grand Canyon. In the left figure, notice the large, 5—ton block near the center, and the shadows of photographer Jim McDowell my son-in-law and two grandsons, Sean and Ryan McDowell.

The right figure is an enlargement of the block with Ryan and Sean left to right. An article by geology professor Arthur V.

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Chadwick brought this block to my attention in The block—a very hard material called quartzite—was lifted, transported from right to left, and deposited on layers which, at the time, were soft mud. Other mud layers then blanketed the block.

See the deformed layers below and above the block. Professor Chadwick correctly identified the lifting force: This rapid transport, which was immediately above the Cambrian-Precambrian interface, occurred during the compression event. Below the sliding slurry, a sand layer decelerated and compressed first.

That compression squeezed up water that lubricated the slide and heated the quartz sand, so it became quartzite.

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The camera is looking north; therefore, the slurry slid from east to west, which is consistent with the direction the Americas hydroplate slid away from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Evolutionary geologists who do not understand the physics and the rapid continental drift that ended in the compression event, explain the flat Cambrian-Precambrian interface as a result of hundreds of millions of years of erosion.

For them, unimaginable time explains everything. Lazy and sloppy thinking. See Figure for a cross section of this region. Evolutionists have a different interpretation.Henry Morris' seminal work on the subject has been used as a supplementary text in public universities.

It provides an in-depth examination of the research for creation and covers dating methods, geology, biology, and many other areas. This book presents one of the strongest defenses of biblical creationism. Scientific Creationism /5(7).

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In Exploring the Evidence for Creation, Henry Morris III merges years of meticulous research alongside the latest findings of science to present powerful evidence that upholds the biblical account of the earth's beginnings.

In response to the growing number of Christians who attempt to wed evolutionary theories with the biblical account of /5(2).

Scientific Creationism: Study Real Evidence of Origins, Discover Scientific Flaws in Evolution [Henry M. Morris] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Scientific Creationism delivers a meticulously researched, scientific investigation of the most important aspects of the creation-evolution question.

Dr. Henry Morris along with the Institute for Creation Science researchers and. Dr. Henry M. Morris, known as the Father of Creationism, spent over 6 decades studying God's Word, teaching, lecturing and debating skeptics. His legacy library of more than 60 books offers the evangelical church and scientific communities a no-compromise defense of the Bible and Christian faith.

Age of the earth evidences for a young age of the earth and the universe. by Don Batten. Published: 4 June , last updated 13 September There are many categories of evidence for the age of the earth and the cosmos that indicate they are much younger than is generally asserted today.

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